How can our articles be used? What can you see in production? Here is an insight into our company for you. We posted the first videos in December 2020 and plan to expand this video gallery again and again.

Apron Clips

For dirndls, jackets, blouses, skirts, trousers ... anything that has two ends serves as basis for eye-catching ribbons

Apron clip variant # 1

Dirndl clip to easily tie the dirndl bow.

Apron clip variant # 2

Edelweiss pin: the versatile alternative to tying a dirndl bow.

Apron clip variant # 3

Flower wreath pin: some of our pins are suitable for tying the dirndl bow.

Apron clip # 4

Apron clip without sewing? This is also possible with our special clasp, which is suitable for both sewing and pushing through.

Pewter Bottle Caps

Whether it's beer or lemonade - our bottle tin lids protect your drinks from insects.

Pewter bottle caps: owl

Owl miniature with rhinestones

Pewter bottle caps: violin

There are different instruments for musicians.

Pewter bottle caps: Neuschwanstein

Also available as a classic souvenir item.

Pewter bottle caps: swan

Combinations with other animals are also possible.

Pewter bottle caps: trumpet

Further instruments on request.

Pewter bottle caps: coat of arms

Many coats of arms and motifs available. New motifs on request.