Quality & flexibility

Our key strength

From planning to production: everything is handled by Schnabel. Send us your enquiry and we will see which production technique is best for the execution of your idea. If necessary, we will be glad to develop new methods to make your requirements a reality.


  • Fully automatic metal stamping for production runs of 10,000 pieces or more
  • Semi-automatic metal stamping for limited editions
  • Assembling or soldering together of individual parts


  • Appropriate alloy needs to be specified, e.g. very hard, malleable, radiation-shielding or food-safe
  • Usual method of manufacture involves centrifugal casting
  • Special designs can be custom made using our specially developed GMS950 machine


  • Cost-effective manufacture of limited editions
  • Special machine in development for parts up to 55 cm in size


  • Special manufacturing method for the cost-effective production of 3D figures in limited editions
  • Available in a range of different colours


  • Wählen Sie die passende Legierung, z. B. besonders hart, biegbar, gegen Strahlung abschirmend oder lebensmittelecht
  • Fertigung erfolgt klassisch im Schleudergussverfahren
  • Spezialanfertigungen mit der speziell von uns entwickelten GMS200 Maschine