Souvenirs in various types of metal: key rings, bottle corks, bottle openers, spoons, pins, stick pins, pewter miniatures, coats of arms, pillboxes, ashtrays or pewter pictures. Our souvenir items can be selected either with a local view and local inscription, or as a neutral motif to be inscribed with a lettering of your choice.
No matter which souvenir you are looking for - if we do not have it in stock, we will make it for you!

With us you receive high-quality souvenir and gift articles in large and small series made of metal.

Our products


Hand painting and individual inscription possible


Three-dimensional models of many buildings and figures made of tin or zinc

Cane nails

We are the world's leading manufacturer, metal embossed, custom inscription possible.


Three-dimensional or relief, individual inscription possible.


Various bracelets and necklaces, also individually combinable


Metal, also in stainless steel, hand painting and individual lettering possible

Everything for the bottle

For opening or closing we offer a selection of bottle openers and closures

Small coat of arms

Your picture can be combined with many other products.


Pillboxes, ashtrays, pens, letter openers are just a few examples